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Cook County Commissioner Property Tax Advice: Appeal Twice, Every Year

cook-county-property-taxes-larry-suffredinLarry Suffredin is the Cook County Board Commissioner for 11 North Shore suburbs and the 49th & 50th Wards of Chicago who’s made a name for himself in changing county government and being a strong advocate for homeowners.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune’s Bob Seidenberg in his article Cook County officials hold property tax seminar in Evanston, Suffredin said the following last week: “My attitude has been, in the 13 years I’ve been county commissioner, that everyone, everyone needs to appeal, twice a year.”

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How to Review a Home’s Property Tax Appeal & Exemption History in Cook County

How to Review a Home's Property Tax Appeal & Exemption History in Cook CountyBecause not everyone appeals their property taxes, or does so effectively because they try doing it themselves or use an inexperienced third-party service, a home in Cook County may be over-assessed.

Additionally, not everyone claims all of the exemptions due to them – or they do claim exemptions that you don’t qualify for if you are to purchase the property, and they pay much less than you will have to as a result.

If you’re planning to purchase a new home in Cook County and want to know how much you’re on the hook for, or want to know a home’s appeal and exemption history for any other reason, this blog outlines the steps for how to do so.
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How to Read Your Cook County Property Tax Bill

How to Read Your Cook County Property Tax BillIt’s probably your least favorite piece of mail that you will receive all year: your Cook County property tax bill. How do you read it, when can you appeal it, when are these reductions applied, and when are property tax exemptions applied?

Read on: all will be revealed in this blog post.

First Installment & Due Date

Unless you are a fully exempt veteran that is disabled 70% or more, the first installment of your Cook County property tax bill is automatically calculated to be 55% of the total that was due in the previous year. A law passed by the Illinois Legislature in 2009 raised the first installment tax from 50% to 55% of the prior year’s total tax. The first installment payment due date is always the first business day in March.
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Commercial Property Managers: The Property Tax Appeal Success Formula

Commercial Property Tax AppealsFew issues are as complex as Chicago property taxes for commercial property owners, with factors like perceived market value, income, and several other factors determining your tax bill. Given the fiscal crises in Illinois, Chicago and other municipalities, the likelihood of future commercial property tax hikes is strong.

The Good News: there is an easy, no-risk way for commercial property managers like you to save their owner clients thousands per year on their property taxes.
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Partial Property Tax Deferral Available for Some Harris County Residents

Harris County

If you live in Harris County Texas and you’re worried that you won’t be able to pay the total amount due on your property taxes, a deferral is an option to postpone paying part of them.

It’s a deferral of taxes on increases in the value of your primary residence and it allows you to postpone paying taxes on a portion of the appreciating value of your home. You must file a tax deferral affidavit to take advantage of this option, which can be done for free at the Harris County Appraisal District’s (HCAD) office.

How Does It Work?

According to HCAD, this residence homeowner tax deferral allows eligible homeowners to pay property taxes on 105% of the preceding year’s appraised value of their home, plus the taxes on new improvements, and postpone paying the remainder for as long as they own and live in the house. The remainder of the taxes must be paid on time every year and interest on the deferred amount will accrue at 8% a year.
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Are All Property Tax Appeal Services the Same?

Property Tax Appeal Service: Buyer BewareAs with many things, doing your homework is the key to success in appealing your property tax assessment, especially in Chicago and throughout Cook County.

Some homeowners receive mailings from lawyers and other services they never heard of. Others see billboards and other advertising from online services. Are they legit or is it a scam? Do they have the right experience or is it vaporware?

Here’s what you can do to determine whether to use a property tax appeal service and which one could be the right fit for you.
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Property Tax Exemption Deadline Approaching for Some Cook County Homeowners

Exemption Deadlines for Some Cook County Homeowners ApproachingEligible Cook County homeowners who did not receive the Homeowner Exemption in 2018 need to file an application for exemption with the Cook County Assessor’s Office by March 6.

The Homeowner Exemption reduces the Equalized Assessed Value (EAV) of a primary residence by $10,000. Your property tax bill is calculated by multiplying the tax rate in your local district by the EAV. The Homeowner Exemption is available to anyone who owns or leases their principal place of residence in Cook County and is responsible for the property taxes.

The exemption renews automatically so it is not necessary to reapply if you are still living in the same home where you received the exemption last year.
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Cook County Homeowners Risk Paying Too Much in Property Taxes When They Don’t Appeal

Cook County Homeowners Risk Paying Too Much in  Property Taxes When They Don't AppealThe least favorite piece of mail Cook County homeowners receive hit their mailboxes last month: the dreaded property tax bill.

It requires payment by March 1 of a sum equal to 55% of last year’s taxes. And it’s only the first tax installment. The second, in July, will reflect last year’s big tax increases and those planned this year for Cook County and Chicago.

“Ironically, these tax bills serve as a reminder that you should always appeal your taxes, but by the time you receive the bill it is often too late to appeal for that year,” said Frank Dal Bello, CEO of Kensington Research and Recovery, the Chicago-based, Cook County property tax appeal and refund recovery consultants.

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