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Cook County Assessor’s Office Opens Norwood Park Township for 2016 Property Tax Appeals

The Cook County Assessor’s Office has announced that assessment notices were mailed on May 16, 2016, for Norwood Park Township.Cook County Property Tax Appeal

The deadline to file a 2016 property tax appeal at the Cook County Assessor’s Office is June 16, 2016.

Norwood Park Township valuation statistics can be found here.

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Assessment Notices Mailed to Lyons Township

Lyons 1The Cook County Assessor’s office mailed 2018 assessment notices to Lyons Township property owners on Monday, May 14th. If your home is in Lyons Township you have 30 days to appeal your assessment at the Assessor’s office until the deadline of June 14th.

Lyons Township was reassessed in 2017 but you can appeal your assessment every year. A successful appeal in 2018 may result in two years of savings, until Lyons is reassessed in 2020. We recommend you review your assessment annually and appeal at the Assessor’s office and the Board of Review whenever you have a strong basis for an appeal argument. This is the best way to ensure you never pay more than your fair share in property taxes. Others also recommend this approach.
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Maine Township 2017 Assessment Notices Mailed

2017 assessment notices for Maine Township were mailed by the Assessor’s office on May 11th. Appeals are now being accepted by the Assessor’s office for property owners in Maine Township. The deadline to file an appeal of your assessed value is June 12th.Maine

Maine is part of the north suburb group which was reassessed in 2016. It is possible to appeal your assessed value every year, and in our opinion a good idea to at least review your assessment annually since the housing market and valuations are always changing. Contact us and we are happy to offer you a free professional analysis on whether or not an appeal of your assessed value in 2017 makes sense for you.

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Lemont Township 2017 Reassessment Notices Mailed

Lemont reassessment notices for tax year 2017 were mailed on May 8th by the Cook County Assessor’s office. The window to appeal your assessment at the Assessor’s office is now open. The Assessor’s deadline for filing 2017 appeals is June 9th.Lemont

Townships in Cook County are divided into three groups for reassessment purposes. Each of those groups is reassessed every three years by the Assessor. The triennial reassessment schedule can be found here. The complete 2017 Lemont valuation statistics from the Assessor can be found here.

If you appeal your assessment in a reassessment year you may be able to lock in multiple years of savings. Contact us for more information and for a free analysis and opinion on the strength of an appeal argument for your specific property.

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