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Clarification on Cook County Board Property Tax Freeze

Cook County Property Tax FreezeIn a recent move described as “historic,” the Cook County Board of Commissioners have approved the “Cook County Taxation Predictability and Long-Term Fiscal Forecasting Amendment.” This has been described as freezing Cook County’s property and sales tax rates un

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Property Tax Impact on O’Hare Flight Path Homes

Property Taxes for Chicago O'Hare Flight Path HomeownersWhile Cook County property taxes have skyrocketed for just about every homeowner thanks to Rahm Emanuel’s combined $838 million property tax hikes over the past year, there are some who actually saw theirs decrease.

However, there’s a “catch” for these homeowners and h

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Cook County Property Tax Hikes: Impact on Renters

Property Tax Impact on Chicago RentersAn often overlooked impact of Rahm Emanuel’s combined $838 million property tax hikes over the past year is the impact it’s having on renters.

How can apartment building owners relieve the financial pressure without increasing rents that drive out renters, particularly in the face

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The Compound Effect of Property Tax Appeals

property-tax-appeals-compound-effectIn 1716, Christopher Bullock in The Cobbler of Preston wrote, “‘Tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Taxes.”

Considering the growing, unfunded pension liabilities of Chicago and the suburbs, you can count on further property tax increases. <a href="htt

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