Lake County Property Tax Appeal Deadlines & Due Dates for 2018

Lake County Property Tax AppealsBelow is a listing of deadlines for appealing your Lake County property taxes in 2018 with the Board of Review.

  • Dates in green have been announced (the window to appeal is now open)
  • Dates in red have passed (the window to appeal has closed)
  • Dates in gray are estimated based on previous years

The earliest you can submit a property tax appeal is the date listed as “Open for Filing” and no property tax appeal will be accepted after the “Closed for Filing” deadline.

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Lake County Township Lake County Board of Review
Open for Filing
Lake County Board of Review
Closed for Filing
Antioch April 19 May 21
Avon June 14 July 16
Benton May 16 June 15
Cuba July 19 August 20
Ela August 2 September 4
Fremont June 21 July 23
Grant August 2 September 4
Lake Villa June 21 July 23
Libertyville July 26 August 27
Moraine June 14 July 16
Newport August 8 September 7
Shields May 10 June 11
Vernon August 2 September 4
Warren May 24 June 25
Wauconda June 14 July 16
Waukegan July 31 August 30
West Deerfield August 2 September 4
Zion July 25 August 24

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